Write A Love Letter - Learn How To Write Letters That Leave Him Or Her Breathless

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Have you ever reached in your jacket and found a $20 bill in the pocket? That is a really great feeling isn't it? Well let me tell you about a feeling that is even better than finding twenty dollars. Travel with me for a moment...you are at work...you reach in your pocket...you feel something you didn't expect...you pull it out, it is a folded up piece of paper that smells like the perfume your girlfriend wears...it's a love letter from your sweetie. The toughest man alive is melted by such an act of kindness. Love letters are extremely powerful tools to communicate affection for your partner. So how does one write a great love letter? You write out compliments. You write out what is on your heart. You write out of passion for your partner.

When you begin writing a love letter it is very important to give the other person compliments. Make the compliments genuine and unique. Don't say things that you always say to them, or things that they always hear from others. Compliment something specific about them that no one else notices. Say something that makes them feel like you really appreciate them. For instance, "Mary, the other day when you were picking up our little boy's toys I couldn't help, but smile inside because I have seen you grow into being such a wonderful Mother."

When you write a great love letter it must come from your heart. What do I mean by that? All I am pointing out is that bad poetry from the soul of your lover is better than anything Robert Frost ever wrote! Don't be so concerned about being perfect. Rather be concerned that the things you are saying are literally coming from the depths of your soul. Tell the other person how much they mean to you. One great thing to tell them is how miserable your life would be without them. Break the mold of typical conversation and let them feel you through your words. For example, "There isn't a day that I wake up that I don't know what a difference you have made in my life...whether I have known you a week, a month, or ten years I don't care; what I do care about is that I know you and that somehow I can make you smile, because your smile is so wonderful to me."

Do you know how to write with passion? If you have a method then you are doing it all wrong. Passion is the opposite of having a method. make your heart and pen connect by writing out of passion, let your writing just be an extension of who you are. How do you write with passion? I have three tips:

1) Stop thinking about the laundry, work, and other things that are not related to your love life

2) Focus all your mental energy of thinking about all the romantic times you and your partner have spent together. Visit those times in your mind and experience them all over again, fresh and alive.

3) Now without thinking about it WRITE, let the words flow from your mind through your pen onto the page.

When you write with compliments, you say what is on your heart, and you write with true passion there is no doubt you will write an amazing love letter. The delivery is a huge part in all of this so make sure you do not forget it. Perfume/cologne lightly applied to the page makes a big difference. So does the place that you leave it for them to find. Think out what they will be likely doing when they find it so that you can plan the right spot for them to read it. I know if you give this a try you will see big results when that person reads your love letter and comes to visit you. You will likely be in for a very romantic evening.


Romantic evenings are just the start. If you would like more information

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